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Fatworm is DBMS design and implementation course of ACM Honored Class, SJTU. The basic requirements of the course is to have students to design and implement a complete database system from scratch.

The name “fatworm” comes from the fact that usually the naive implementation of DBMS consists of large data(fat) and works slowly like a worm. But the requirement goes beyond the meaning of the name. All the students are required to support a subset of SQL language similar to MYSQL. Meanwhile query execution and optimization are encouraged as advanced topic.

All the students are required to support a subset of JDBC interface. And your system will be graded by an auto-grading system where the function and speed of the system will be judged by various test-cases. The major requirement of the course is the skill of Object Oriented Design and as well as coding and modeling.


  • Final Presentation Detail is released.
  • Code Review 2 Detail is released.
  • ppt of lecture3 is uploaded: Lecture 3.1,Lecture 3.2
  • Code Review Detail is released
  • JDBC Taster deadline: 12:00 pm, Wednesday, 2nd April, 2014.
  • ppt of lecture2 is uploaded: Lecture 2
  • Lecutre: 4:00 pm, 601, Zhiyuan Building



Week Date Lecture Task
4 3.19 Lecture 1 JDBC Taste
5 3.26 Lecture 2 Logical Plan
6, 7
8 4.18 Mid-term Code Review
9 4.25 Lecture 3.1,Lecture 3.2 Physical Scan and Later
11 5.9 Lecture 4
13 5.19 submission commences
15 6.6 End-term Code Review
16 6.13 Final Submission

Useful Links

Provided Code

  • Fatworm.g Please rename it to Fatworm.g (It works on antlr-3.4-complete)

Recommended Books

  • Database System Implementation (13.5~13.9, 14.1~14.2, 15, 16)
  • Database Management: A System Approach Using Java
  • Database Systems: The Complete book

Old Slides


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孙雪曈 jedysun66[at]gmail.com
陈启明 576142410[at]qq.com
邱霖 119419502[at]qq.com
王鸿伟 wanghongwei55[at]gmail.com
戴勃 doubledaibo[at]gmail.com
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