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Fatworm is DBMS design and implementation course of ACM Honored Class, SJTU. The basic requirements of the course is to have students to design and implement a complete database system from scratch.

The name “fatworm” comes from the fact that usually the naive implementation of DBMS consists of large data(fat) and works slowly like a worm. But the requirement goes beyond the meaning of the name. All the students are required to support a subset of SQL language similar to MYSQL. Meanwhile query execution and optimization are encouraged as advanced topic.

All the students are required to support a subset of JDBC interface. And your system will be graded by an auto-grading system where the function and speed of the system will be judged by various test-cases. The major requirement of the course is the skill of Object Oriented Design and as well as coding and modeling.

If You Feel Worried

I(李诗剑) will be at SEIEE building 3-404 at every Friday 5:00pm. If you have problems, consult me at that time. Score should not be your concern. Therefore, anything like begging for better grade will be ignored. You should focus on enlarging your knowledge learnt on this course. Trust me, your effort will pay back sooner or later, but your score won't.

Useful Links

Provided Code

  • Fatworm.g Please rename it to Fatworm.g (It works on antlr-3.4-complete)

Recommended Books

  • Database System Implementation (13.5~13.9, 14.1~14.2, 15, 16)
  • Database Management: A System Approach Using Java
  • Database Systems: The Complete book

Old Slides


  • (Tao Xiao) 肖涛 wto31415926 [at] gmail [dot] com
  • (Chaoyang Wang) 王朝扬 gordon.w.1991 [at] gmail [dot] com
  • (Shijian Li) 李诗剑 95588lsj [at] gmail [dot] com
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